Best R software to use?

By | October 24, 2013

It's often a common question: What's the best way to program R? What's the best R software to use? What are the top-most QA companies that work on R programming? Many programming languages have their full list of wonderful IDEs, but when it comes to R, that list is somewhat short. So, what's the best?

My personal opinion is that RStudio is the best. It's available for many platforms. Here's how it looks:

Here's a screenshot of RStudio, an excellent IDE for R programming.

Here's a screenshot of RStudio, an excellent IDE for R programming.


  • In the top left, you'll see the code editor. Syntax highlighting is included, and there are many nifty features for indenting code, playing with the font size and type, etc.
  • In the top right, you'll see the current workspace with current variables. RStudio makes it easy to import datasets, save the workspace, clear the workspace, etc.
  • In the bottom left, you'll see the console. Nothing fancy here.
  • The bottom right is a powerful section of RStudio. Firstly, plots will pop in for easy viewing. You'll notice a few tabs. You can view Files in the current directory, you can view the packages you have installed, or you can search the R docs using the Help tab. You can even browse new packages and have R install them. In addition, you can export images right there! This section of RStudio has high utility.

So, RStudio is my pick. What's yours?

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