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Introduction to US Healthcare - Part 3

Back to Part 2 Health Insurance Affordable Care Act Does having health insurance help you stay healthier? Many health reform plans focus on increasing coverage. It is difficult to discern if it is the actual health insurance that improves the health of a person. Oregon health insurance study: Randomly hand out (via a lottery system)… Read More »


Introduction to US Healthcare - Part 2

Go back to Part 1 Here are the main historical events (categorized by presidents) that occurred with respect to US Healthcare. Roosevelt occupied by challenges of depression and world war 2 Truman announced conversion program after word war 2 to shift into peace part of these initiatives was a national health 5 point program he… Read More »


Introduction to US Healthcare - Part 1

Welcome to the series on the U.S. Healthcare. The following notes will be adapted from the course titled "Understanding and Improving the U.S. Healthcare System" taught by Dr. Matthew Davis of the University of Michigan. There are some important players in the game of healthcare. Patients users of the healthcare system includes sick and… Read More »