Interviewing at UCF College of Medicine

By | November 12, 2013

If you're reading this post and have been offered an interview to the UCF College of Medicine, congratulations! If you are reading this and hope to one day interview at UCF, you're well ahead of schedule and I commend you for that. This post will include some useful notes about the UCF COM interview experience, including a rough schedule of events and structure of the actual interview.

Part 1: Introduction

When you arrive in the early morning, you'll enter a conference room and get your ID badge as well as a folder with some nice information about UCF COM. For about 20 minutes, you'll eat breakfast and chat with the other applicants. If you have urgent questions, there will also be a few med students in the room.

Next are the talks. Mr. Larkin will give you a quick outline of the day's activities and a quick introduction to UCF COM. Then, the Dean (maybe) will speak about her vision for UCF from it's beginnings to its future.

Part 2: Interview

Interview time! Don't panic, they are enjoyable. You'll have two thirty minute one-on-one interviews, likely with a med student and a physician, respectively. They will come to get you and you'll interview with them in group study rooms, probably. The chairs are very comfortable, but don't relax too much. Sit straight, and bring some water.

Let me know if you want some guidance on the type of questions you'll want to be prepared for (comment below and I'll respond!).

Part 3: Hospital Visit

This is the best part of the day. The interviews are done with, and now you can let loose and enjoy. You'll get on a bus and head over to Celebration Hospital for a tour. On the way over, you'll learn more about the Admissions Process (e.g., specific details about how evaluation works).

You'll visit a robotic surgery training facility and have a chance to play with da Vinci robot simulators. If you're lucky, next you will go watch a da Vinci surgery or a laproscopic surgery in the hospital.

Part 4: Lunch

The food is delicious. You'll have a chance to rest from all that walking and chat with a current med student from UCF. Here's your time to ask all the questions that may not be appropriate for admissions personnel. Ask them what their favorite and least favorite thing about UCF is. That's what they are there for.

Part 5: UCF COM Tour

Next, a student will take you on a tour of the UCF Med building, which, by the way, is beautiful. You'll see the high tech systems and the awesome facility. You'll see the anatomy and microscopy labs, the library, lecture halls, lockers, the lounge, the gym, the mock doctor's office, the simulation room, and more. Your tour guide will also answer any other questions you have about UCF COM.

Part 6: Wrap Up

Finally, you'll gather back in the conference room and have some wonderful coffee and listen to a few more speakers. One will talk to you about the curriculum, another will talk to you about student services, and another will talk to you about financial aid. Lastly, Mr. Larkin will conclude and the day will be over.

Questions? Comment below. I'm happy to answer.

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8 thoughts on “Interviewing at UCF College of Medicine

  1. Rania Baker

    Hi, I just received a phonecall from UCF offering me an interview spot next Friday! Any advice about what types of questions they are going to ask?


    1. admin Post author

      Congrats to both of you! Interview questions generally revolve around your application (so no need to prepare for these), ethics questions (you may want to do some light reading on this online), or healthcare/future-of-medicine questions (again, you may want to do some light readings on this). Additionally, although this is probably within the application category, be sure to know why you are interested in the specific medical school you are interviewing at (in this case, UCF). However, these guidelines are true of most medical school interviews.

  2. Jonathan C

    Hello thank you for posting this, UCF medical school is my dream school :). I just had a quick question about the two 30 minutes interviews? Is there one 30 minute interview with a medical student and one 30 minute interview with faculty? Also would you be able to provide any more details as far as how the interview structure is like do they first go over transcripts, experiences , and then ethical questions or?

    Thank you so much for all your help!

    Have a wonderful rest of your day!

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Jonathan,
      It depends on each person, but you'll have the chance to interact with current medical students in addition to faculty interviews. The specific interviews differ, so there may not be an order. Happy to help!

  3. Lily

    Once I complete the interview, how long will I have to wait until I know the results?

    1. admin Post author

      This varies, but usually you'll get a call within a few weeks or so.


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