P versus NP is itself an NP problem

By | January 10, 2014

What motivation do we have, besides the obvious, for continuously searching for an answer to the P versus NP problem? Many attempts have been made at proving P equals NP but also that P does not equal NP. With none being successful, monetary incentives have been instantiated. Still, no success. After trying and failing and trying and failing, what motivation might we use to maintain interest in pursuing an answer to this seemingly perpetual problem?

Today I realized that P versus NP is itself an NP problem. As such, the only way to figure out the answer to this problem, as with other NP problems, is to keep searching. Although the endpoint is non deterministic, we will know once we find the answer. We just don't know when. But an endpoint exists! And that in itself may help gather some new motivational feelings.

So, keep searching, and keep an eye out for that endpoint.

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