What major should I select if I want to attend Medical School?

By | October 15, 2013

The fast answer: pick any.

Medical schools are increasingly admitting that they accept students from all types of backgrounds. Yes, that means you can major in History or Computer Science as a Pre-Med student.

Is there a disadvantage or advantage to selecting a specific major over another?

Perhaps. Of course, medical schools expect specific courses to be completed before matriculation, such as Biology, Chemistry, etc. If you select to double major in Writing Seminars and Art History, you may have trouble finding the time to squeeze in these heavy science courses.

So how do I decide what to do?

Ask yourself what sounds interesting. What do you want to explore? Your undergraduate education is your opportunity to expand your interests. As a physician, you'll need to be able to relate to everyday people. In college, pursue a variety of subject areas. The key is to manage your time so that the Pre-Med courses will be knocked out by the time you graduate.

Keep one thing in mind: Do you think admissions committees get tired of reading the same type of applications (standard Biology major Pre-Med student)?

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